John Webber,

Scottish Landscape Photography

Passion is the key to life - and to landscape

Whatever you are involved with, hard work, dedication and passion should insure success. And you might add a dash of luck in there for good measure.

My first passion was for food.

I trained as a chef in some of the best kitchens in Britain.  This is when I found photography, classic cameras and monochrome film stock made me see life in a different way.

As I progressed I became a Head Chef running my own kitchen.  Michelin awarded a famed star and life took off with lots of hard work and more success. This unfortunately meant that the camera had to take a back seat. However life moves on and as I moved into teaching I found the time to pick up a camera again and learn the digital imaging process.

A chef understands the produce they work with and is in tune with the seasons and what they have to offer. This equally applies to photographing the landscape. Ever changing light from day to day and month to month changes to the mood and brings a scene to life. Take the best produce you can find, combine this with some knowledge, skill and a bit of vision and you will produce a dish. Photographers use the same “recipe” to produce their images, understanding and been in harmony with your subject will bring the most success.

My second passion was the countryside 

My career has taken me across Britain from North to South, City centre to moorland. lucky enough to be living in Scotland for the past 30 years I am ideally placed to capture the beauty of the environment. Each day is a new experience, combinations of light, tide, wind and weather produce an ever-changing scene before me. You cannot be anything but humbled by the majesty of the landscape before you and how important  it is to value what it has to offer.

Like any animal  I am drawn to water. For me it’s one of the most exciting things to photograph. Sometimes still as a silky mirror, serenely moving downstream or full of rage in the midst of a storm it never disappoints.

Now based on our croft overlooking Loch Creran near Appin on the west coast of Scotland we are blessed with  some of the most inspiring scenery  on the planet. 

My photographs are not just an image of what is in front of me but the emotions that it creates. I hope you enjoy my work, do contact me for signed and numbered top quality Hi Resolution mounted images ready for framing. 

I hope you enjoy my work , your feedback is always valued.

John Webber

Oh and of course my third passion ?  My Wife Caroline